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How to Write a Pantomime

How to plan and deliver a successful traditional script by Lesley Cookman, with a foreword by Roy Hudd. There are thousands of pantomimes staged throughout the world every year, most of them in Britain. Most groups, whether they be amateur drama societies, schools, Women's Institutes or Village Hall committees are constantly on the lookout for something fresh and original. This is often a matter of economics, as professional pantomimes can be costly in terms of performing rights, let alone the cost of scripts. This book is aimed at those people who take part in this increasingly popular hobby, and at the writer who wishes to write a pantomime, either for a local group, or, indeed, for mass publication. New edition out now.


Pantomime Script - Ali Baba

Ali Baba and his son, Haroun, live above Salmonella Salmon, who owns the best fish and chip shop in Baghdad. Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, discovers the hideout of the fiercest band of thieves in the whole of Arabia and when he returns home laden with wealth, his rich and miserly brother, Kassim, wants to know how he got it! How Kassim gets his come-uppance, villain El Abadan is vanquished and Morgiana the slave girl saves them all is related by the Immortal storyteller, Scheherazade, who also introduces us, among others, to Hanki and Panki, El Abadan's scouts and the most incompetent thieves ever known, the tailor, Mustapha and his daughters Zuleika and Zulinda and Kassim's grasping wife, Fatima. Then, of course, there is Ali Baba's donkey, Hotay...


14 Principals, 7m, 7f plus chorus and skin part


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Pantomime Script - Cinderella

A traditional fast paced pantomime which follows the original storyline closely. The Fairy Queen, who is Cinderella's godmother, is very worried about the Ugly sisters, Arnica and Silica and their mother, the Lady Aconite, who are making Cinders' life a misery. Added to this, the Demon King has decided he wants to marry Cinders, who has fairy blood in her veins which will help him increase his powers. He is aided in his evil schemes by Aconite who is herself an apprentice witch. The Fairy Queen sends her two attendant fairies, Snowdrop and Coughdrop, to keep an eye on Cinderella, but they fall in love with Buttons and Dandini, while two resting actors, Wash & Go, who will take on any job from dancing masters to caterers become the objects of the Ugly Sisters' affections.


13 principals, 6m, 7f plus chorus of Villagers and Ball Guests

Pantomime Script - Little Boy Blue

A brand new pantomime originally plotted in Lesley Cookman's book Writing a Pantomime. Old Mother Hubbard's son, Little Boy Blue, is the shepherd who looks after Princess Bo-Peep's flock of sheep. When the rascally Knave of Hearts decides he wants to marry Bo-Peep, everybody gets involved: Lord Chamberlain Tommy Tucker; Bo-Peep's father, Old King Cole; the Knave's mother, Matilda, the Queen of Hearts; the two fairies, Lavender and Deadly Nightshade and the inevitable bungling henchmen, Three and Four. Then, of course, there is the high jumping, insomniac cow, Buttercup...


12 principals 6/7m 5/6f chorus and skin part

Pantomime Script - Red Riding Hood

Decidua, the Guardian of the forest, has a cold and has lost her power to protect her domain. Her daughter, Dame Ida Hood, is holding a May Day party at her school in the village, Dame Hood's Academy for Young Ladies, and because Decidua is poorly, sends young Rose off with a basket of goodies to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Prince Stefan has arrived, incognito, fleeing from the advances of the evil Lady Millicent, who is in hot pursuit. Stefan's bodyguard, Cecil, tries to protect everybody from Wolfie, who is delighted to find he can once more enter the forest, and Hiss & Boo, who are trying to catch Rose for Lady Millicent. To complicate matters, Wolfie has blown down the houses of three extremely grumpy Little Pigs. When they all meet at Grandma Decidua's house, anything could happen - and probably will!  16 principals, 8f, 5m, 3 either plus chorus of villagers

Pantomime Script - Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora must be alive at the dawn of the new year, which is also her eighteenth birthday, or the wicked witch Carabosse will allow the enchanted forest to surround the country of Arcadia and cut off life "as we know it". Aurora is protected by her parents, King Basil and Queen Bee, her uncle, King Fisher and his son, Prince Florizel and the redoubtable Nurse Neuralgia and her two assistants, Dilly and Dally. They must pit their wits against Carabosse and her two henchmen, Pinch and Punch, but in the end it is the Fairy Queen who has the answer and keeps the thread of time spinning. Scenes include pantomime favourites such as The Tree of Truth and The Haunted Bedroom, the ghost gag and the chase scene.  15 Principals 9f, 6m plus chorus

Pantomime Script - Puss in Boots

Tom, Dick and Harry, the Miller's sons have been left the cat, Puss, the donkey, Ned and the mill, respectively after their father's death. The Good Fairy (Fairy Light) changes Puss into a magic talking cat, Algernon de Quincy, who immediately puts his plan to make Tom rich into action and takes a gift to the Kind and Queen. The King's Chamberlain, in the pay of the Ogre, is very suspicious and sets the King's bodyguards, Push and Shove to follow, and, if possible, capture the cat.


Tom, on meeting the Princess, falls in love with her, to complicate matters, and Algernon de Quincy has his work cut put to foil the Ogre, the Chamberlain and Push and Shove. With the help od the Princess's nurse, Eureka Fish and the Queen's Ladies in Waiting, Milly and Jilly, he succeeds triumphantly.

15 principals, (m and 6F plus servants, villagers and Ned the Donkey.


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Summer Season - Cast Flexible

A troupe of Pierrot Players, “Will’s Wanderers” perform each summer season on the sands. The wealthy Shepherd family also take a house there every summer. Both troupe and family get inextricably mixed up in a story of love, deception and misunderstandings before the season closes. Suggested are lesser known Music Hall songs, or choose your own.

Queen of Hearts – 17 principals

A new version based on the traditional nursery rhyme. The Ace of Spades, deposed ruler of the Magic Kingdom, plans revenge by stealing the Queen of Hearts’ magic tarts at the annual Regatta. Then, there’s the taking over of the Diamond Mine... whatever next? Includes a traditional Slosh Scene.



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