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"Lesley Cookman is the Queen of Cosy Crime..."

Entertaining Death

When the recently widowed Lady Amelia Washington comes to Nethergate's Alexandria theatre, its proprietor Dorinda has her suspicions that this is more than just a passing visit.


Dorinda's old friend Lady Ivy has suggested to Amelia that Nethergate's quiet seaside setting would make the perfect retreat from the pressures of life in society – and with both ladies having a background in the music halls, Dorinda's troupe seems like the perfect place to blend in and get away from it all.


It seems like a reasonable story – but in that case, why are the police so interested in speaking to Lady Amelia – and what secrets do she and her retinue hide?



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Death Plays a Part

Death Plays a Part is the first in a series of historical mysteries by best-selling author Lesley Cookman, set in the changing world of the Edwardian era.


Dorinda Alexander is a former governess who now owns the Alexandria Theatre in the seaside town of Nethergate. Her troupe is rehearsing for a season of music hall performances, a new experience for the theatre – and when mysterious young singer Velda Turner arrives looking for employment Dorinda, impressed by her talent, hires her.


Soon, though, optimism turns to tragedy when a body is found after an apparently motiveless break-in at the theatre. With the local police convinced that the answer to the mystery lies in Dorinda’s own past – a cause of much distress to her – the murder seems an impossible task to solve, until an enigmatic Scotland Yard detective shows up…


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