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"Lesley Cookman is the Queen of Cosy Crime..."

Death Plays a Part

Death Plays a Part is the first in a series of historical mysteries by best-selling author Lesley Cookman, set in the changing world of the Edwardian era.


Dorinda Alexander is a former governess who now owns the Alexandria Theatre in the seaside town of Nethergate. Her troupe is rehearsing for a season of music hall performances, a new experience for the theatre – and when mysterious young singer Velda Turner arrives looking for employment Dorinda, impressed by her talent, hires her.


Soon, though, optimism turns to tragedy when a body is found after an apparently motiveless break-in at the theatre. With the local police convinced that the answer to the mystery lies in Dorinda’s own past – a cause of much distress to her – the murder seems an impossible task to solve, until an enigmatic Scotland Yard detective shows up…


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